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International Removals to Australia with Safepac

A move to the other side of the world is a major undertaking – but, every year, thousands of people from the UK decide to take the plunge and organise international removals to Australia. Many households, individuals and businesses from Suffolk are among those making the move. Mildenhall-based Safepac can organise the whole process for them, arranging shipping to Australia for all their belongings.  

We have been organising removals to Australia for more than three decades, and provide a regular service. Often, people decide to make the long journey for private or family reasons, for instance, with parents who are retiring deciding to join adult children. Another reason is work, since Australia's successful economy offers a range of employment opportunities to those with sought-after skills and qualifications.

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Shipping to Australia
Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are the most popular destinations for people from the UK seeking international removals to Australia. However, we serve not just the major cities, but also all the states across the country. So, whether you are moving from Bury St Edmunds to Brisbane or Newmarket to New South Wales, we can organise it for you.

When shipping to Australia, we use local services at your destination, so you can be sure of locally-based expertise at both ends of the journey. We can provide guidance and advice on all matters to do with your move, including customs requirements both prior to departure and on arrival. This includes general paperwork as well as detailed advice on specific items.

The typical timescale for shipping to Australia is 10 to 12 weeks. We use a global network of shipping agents to transport your items safely by sea, and it is also possible for smaller items to be carried by FedEx. Safepac can provide storage for your goods within our own warehousing if required before your move. After you have had an initial online quote, we will carry out a survey to look at your requirements in more detail and draw up a full quote for your removals to Australia, including all the different aspects that need to be considered, such as means of transport and insurance. We can also arrange international haulage to Australia.

Moving to Australia
It's estimated that nearly 1.2 million people born in the UK have made their homes in Australia. Although the mass migration of “£10 Poms” happened in past decades, Australia is still the number one destination for Brits moving abroad. The number of UK-born people living in the country rises by up to 30,000 overall each year – but the number of individuals needing international removals to Australia is even more than this, since there are also thousands moving in the opposite direction.

Many people start off by travelling under a temporary work visa to see how they like a life Down Under, before deciding whether to return or to make the move permanent. One of the main attractions is the standard of living, with higher average wages than in Britain. The climate is of course another plus – and many people from the UK are happy to swap cold British winters for barbecues on the beach. Retiring to Australia is also popular, and retirement visas are an option taken up by many people who want to be near family who have emigrated, or just fancy spending their later years in the sunshine.

Where to Live in Australia
Sydney is the top destination for Brits, with a cosmopolitan population of more than four million and one of the highest average levels of earnings in the world. The city is Australia's economic powerhouse, with many international organisations having bases here, offering a range of career opportunities to expats. Its attractions include its famous harbour and opera house, and there is also a wide choice of housing, including beach and garden suburbs.

Melbourne, the country's second city, is another attractive place to set up home, with a varied economy including strong research and manufacturing sectors. Many major companies have a presence here. Perth in Western Australia is also popular with expats because it has seen strong economic growth in recent years. The success of the mining industry in the area has led to more jobs being created in many different sectors. Other popular destinations for those moving to Australia include Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, and Hobart in Tasmania.

As well as arranging international removals to Australia, Safepac can also organise shipping from Australia to the UK for those making the return journey. This includes British people who have finished a spell working in Australia, or have decided to move back home. We can also arrange moves for Australians who are taking up work in the UK, including those moving to Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge, Ely and other destinations in Suffolk and East Anglia. 

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