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International Removals to South Africa with Safepac

When you need to arrange shipping to South Africa, it's important to find a company which has the right experience. Safepac has been carrying out removals to South Africa for 30 years, and can therefore advise and guide you through the whole process.

Many thousands of people from the UK make the move every year, for a variety of reasons, including work, retirement and to join family who have already emigrated. Some people start off by visiting the country on holiday or going there for a short-term work placement, and then decide that they want to move permanently. So they return to arrange shipping of their goods from the UK to South Africa. 

Based at Mildenhall in Suffolk, Safepac offers a regular service for people living in East Anglia and beyond who embark on South African moves. If you are feeling daunted at the thought of such a long-distance move, just get in touch with us, and we will explain how it can all be organised.

Shipping to South Africa - Contact us today!

Shipping to South Africa
People from the UK organising shipping to South Africa most frequently move to Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Safepac regularly ships possessions to these major cities, along with other destinations across the country.

When preparing for such a long-distance move, it is obviously important to be aware of all the customs requirements regarding various items which can and can't be taken into the country. Safepac is fully versed in all these regulations and can guide you both prior to departure and on arrival, providing advice on specific items you might want to take and helping with paperwork that needs to be completed. We operate a destination service using local staff, so that you will have experts on hand to give support and help when you arrive.

Moving to South Africa
It's estimated that around 210,000 UK expats live in South Africa, with many more deciding to make the move annually. The great outdoors, famous wildlife and hot climate are among the major attractions which draw tourists to the country, and these same factors also encourage many people to move here permanently.

There are several different types of work permits for expats. While some people moving to the country do so because of their existing jobs, others want to build new careers in South Africa. Those with the right skills can be recruited under a government scheme seeking experienced foreign workers in particular fields, including medicine, law, engineering and technical work, as well as management. Many people also move to the country temporarily to carry out voluntary work or take up internships.

As well as those of working age seeking removals to South Africa, many people decide to retire to the country, and there are special retirement visas applicable to them. More than 35,000 retired people from the UK already live in the country, in many cases having made the move because they have family there.

Safepac can organise shipping to South Africa for people moving there for work or retirement, and also regularly arranges shipping from South Africa to the UK. This service is in demand for those who are making the return journey, for instance at the end of a placement or contract, or for people from South Africa who are moving to the UK.

Where to Live in South Africa
Cape Town is the most popular destination for British expats. The city's economy has been growing fast in recent years, with many small and medium-sized enterprises based alongside larger companies. The city has also seen booms in the property and construction sectors, while tourism is another important industry. In addition to all the people from the UK who have moved there permanently, there are also many who have bought holiday homes in Cape Town and regularly travel between the two countries.

South Africa's largest city, Johannesburg, also has a large population of people from the UK. As a leading financial centre, it has an important commercial district, and many manufacturing companies and service industries are based here. Durban is another destination well worth considering for your new home. It has a large and diverse economy, while its coastal location attracts people from near and far to move into the area.

Safepac is able to organise shipping to South Africa and bring your goods to any address, including the major cities, along with other communities such as Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Bloemfontain, Kimberley, Nelspruit and Pietermaritzburg. Your possessions will be transported by sea, and, if you have smaller items needing priority transportation, we can also arrange for these to be taken by FedEx. Whether you live in Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, elsewhere in Suffolk or East Anglia or further afield, contact us now to find out about how we can organise your removals to South Africa.

Shipping from the UK to South Africa - Contact us today!

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