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International Removals to America with Safepac

Safepac has had strong links with the USA ever since its founding in the 1960s, and has unique experience of organising international removals to America. Based in Suffolk near the airbase at Mildenhall, the company was originally set up to carry out military removals for USAF personnel and their households.

However, over more than 30 years we have also carried out shipping to the USA for many people outside the military. We offer a very regular service to all parts of America, travelling two to three times a week. Our excellent and widespread experience mean we can offer detailed advice and guidance to anybody undertaking removals to America, whether they are making the move for family or business reasons. We can also organise the relocations of businesses from Suffolk, East Anglia and other parts of the UK to the USA. 

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Shipping to USA
Because of the large numbers of US military personnel who have lived in Suffolk over the years, the area has especially close ties with America. Many British people from the area, including people from Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury and Newmarket, have married US service personnel and moved there as a result. Enduring links of friendship and business have also been formed.

The most popular destinations for people from the UK seeking international removals to America are California and Florida, but expats move to all parts of the USA. Whether your destination is Alaska, Hawaii or Vermont, Safepac can arrange your move and ensure that your goods arrive safely. We transport your household possessions by sea, using a worldwide shipping agent network, with a timescale of around 18 days for travel to the east coast, or 24 days to the west coast. Priority small items can be transported by FedEx.

If you need storage in conjunction with shipping to the USA, we can provide this at our own warehouses in Mildenhall. We will carry out a pre-move survey to sort out all the details of your removals, and can pack for you if required, or provide boxes for self-packing. We also have the expertise to help you with all customs and other paperwork, and give detailed advice as and when required on all aspects of your international removals.

Moving to the United States
Around 800,000 British expats are believed to live in the USA, but there is no official figure for this, and the true number could be even higher. Many people from the UK undertake international removals to America each year, often for family reasons, but also for work.

There is a range of different visa and work permit requirements, depending on factors such as family status, type of work and whether you have skills that are in short supply. Some major international companies transfer staff to the US either temporarily or permanently, while American academic and research institutions may also seek staff from the UK.

Retiring to the US is also a popular move, with around 140,000 retired Brits estimated to be living in America, often in warmer states where they avoid cold British winters and the resulting bills for fuel. Many people live in the US for part of the year and regularly travel to and fro between America and the UK. Safepac can also organise shipping from America to the UK for people who are moving back here, for instance after a work contract ends.

Where to Live in the USA
California is a very popular destination for British expats, for many different reasons. One attraction is the fact that cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles already have large expat populations. Another is the size and wealth of these communities and the range of job opportunities which are available here. San Francisco is world-famous for its high-tech industries, both in the city itself and in nearby Silicon Valley, while many financial services companies are also based there.
Retirees in particular often head for the sunshine of Florida, with Miami and Orlando being among the most popular spots. Many people spend six months of the year in the USA, avoiding the British winter, but returning to the UK over the summer. Often people who have started out by visiting Florida on holiday then decide that they would like to make the move and live there.
Other places with large numbers of expats from the UK include New York City, Austin, Texas, Boston and Washington D.C. However, Brits can be found just about everywhere in the USA, including small towns and cities, and Safepac can arrange international removals to all areas of America. Contact us for details of the service we offer and we will tailor your move to your specific requirements.

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